We currently run sessions in Walthamstow and Stoke Newington.


And now, you can book for any session via the Hoop app! Limited number of bookable spaces for each session so you can, of course, still drop in.


Please see the links to the left of this page to find out days, times, prices.


Look forward to seeing you!


About the sessions


Magic Box sessions are fun, interactive story sessions where kids help Lottie, a professional actor, create and tell a story, using the odd things she finds in her Magic Box.


Children follow a character into a themed adventure where they can role-play, move around the imaginary space - and sing songs! Each session involves listening, speaking and spatial awareness, and helps children understand simple instructions in a structured, yet fluid, environment.


The age range included in each session means kids of different ages take away different experiences from the session. The younger kids enjoy the actions, copying, singing, pretending - and the older ones enjoy these elements too, but also feel confident in contributing to the story.

Adults are encouraged to join in with their children, giving the kids confidence to explore the story and a chance for everyone to have fun and 'pretend' together.


Come along and try a session (all our sessions are drop-ins). Open the Magic Box...and play!

Below is a list of current stories told during

the sessions.



Captain Wonkynose



Astronaut Annie



Molly the Monkey


Under the Sea

Herman the Hermit Crab



Wanda the Witch



Nana the Ninja



Princess Pippa



Dahlia the Diplodocus



Sir Quentin the Questing Knight



Captain Huh?!



Rocky the Ringmaster


Phone: 07958 772669

Walthamstow venue

Mothers Hub

133 Wood Street, E17 3LX

Stoke Newington venue

Clissold Park Tennis Pavilion, 3 Queen Elizabeth's Walk, N16 0BF

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